Fredericksburg Dog Fair

When and Where?!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Fredericksburg Fairgrounds

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Come Join the Fun!

Fredericksburg's Gone To The Dogs with Events Including:

5k Doggy Dash:

Run with your pup and get a sneak peek before the fair opens!!

  • Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. Run starts at 9:00 a.m.
  • $20 fee includes: awesome t-shirt, raffle ticket, fair entry, and water

  • Masquerade Dog Parade:

    Dress up masquerade style with your dog and join us as we march through the Fairgrounds and then crown the King & Queen Dogs! Parade starts at noon. Included in entry fee.

    Other Attractions Include:

    How do I get in?

    With the exception of a $5 parking fee....FAIR ENTRY IS FREE!!

    Donations will be accepted at the gate. ALL proceeds are used to benefit local animal shelters.

    What about this 5k Doggy Dash?

    Our History

    redericksburg has a long and distinguished history of dog fairs dating back to 1698 when English settlers were reported to have come together with local Indian tribes to trade their English hunting dogs for furs, gold and hand made goods provided by the Indians.


        The Fredericksburg’s Gone to the Dogs (FGTTD) Charity has given away over $30,000 in grants to local nonprofits such as the Lions Club for Leader Dogs, Greyhounds Rock, Fredericksburg Area SPCA, and Virginia Kincheloe Spay/Neuter Clinic. FGTTD hosts an annual fair in an effort to raise awareness and funds for animal welfare efforts. In doing so, FGTTD hopes to educate and enable resources for the community at large, enable care for animals in need, and make our communities NO KILL and a healthy, safe haven for animals. Putting this event together is a community effort in itself. The U.S. Humane Society has been involved since the beginning as well as civic organizations like the Lions Club, Ruritans, Boy Scouts, and Jaycees.

        Every year the event grows with more exciting things to do with our beloved furry friends and family. There is ALWAYS a costume parade, contests for the animals and owners, K-9 demonstrations, games for dogs, live music, vendors, dog grooming and photography options; the list goes on and on.

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    Sponsored by the Fredericksburg's Gone to the Dogs Charity, a 501 c3 charity